Born in South-East Asia, Santis started his career 15 years ago at the conservatory. After learning musical improvisation, he studied arrangement and music production at the School of Music Technology in Geneva. It has always been essential to him to attach to the electronic music a  "live performance" aspect.

As a keyboard player, Santis wants to show to the audience that an Electronic music live set, is not like "someone who reads his emails in front of the crowd". "Launching audio clips in Ableton annoys me," he says.

Santis is a music producer in a fusion style of electronic music. He blends Techno and Tech-House sonorities to a melodic Deep-House and adds a little touch of Pop music into it. Some smart elements of South-East Asian music also integrate into the whole mix.

Santis wants that people understand what is happening during an electronic music live performance and the creative process in the studio. To do so, he launched a new series of videos named "Santis - The Asian Music Producer" (link) on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.


Inspired by artists such as "Paco Osuna", "Disclosure", "Mat Zo" and even "Dirty Loops", Santis currently works on his next album. The variety of his background in the Electronic and Dance music scene will strongly influence his work.

Three years ago, Santis co-founded the company "Gimmemusic" that produces original music for movies and TV ads, and a music school called "Gimmemusic School". He also composed various scores for short-movies and other media projects.